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What kinds of administrators do we have in TEAM+?

There are two kinds of Administrators in TEAM+: System Admin and Company Admins.

  • System Administrator
  1. There is only one System Admin in each TEAM+.
  2. It is for TEAM+ Private Cloud version only.
  3. The System Admins can create TEAM+ accounts for company members, manage setting for Company Admins, manage the API sources (for creating and maintaining Teams and Chat Rooms).
  4. This Role is designed only for system administration.

※ As a System Admin, you can only access the system administration back-end, which is separated from TEAM+.

  1. To ensure the information security, please keep the Account Password of your System Admin properly since the Admin has the list of all the API sources.
  2. Only for WEB.
  • Company Administrator
  1. There can be several Company Admins in each TEAM+.
  2. In Private Cloud version, the Company Admins needs to be designated by the System Admins; In Cloud (Trial) version, by default, the Company Admin is the first member from your domain who signs up for TEAM+.

Note:To add or change the Company Admins in TEAM+ Cloud (Trial), please submit your requests through the Contact Us form.

  1. Company Admins have the permissions to manage Accounts, Departments, Enterprise Roles, Super Hub, Bulletin, Authorization for IM auditing etc., and can check the System Statistics Report.

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