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What is the difference between “Teams” and “Group Chat Room”?


When discussions are quite often conducted in your team, or when the team you have is pretty big, or when your team has a long cycle time and so on, the features that the Teams section provides can be a big help:

  1. Small topics (posts) and their comments in the team can be found more easily.
  2. You can get noticed of every topic (post) that is important to you by using the Follow feature.
  3. Through Tasks, all team members can teamwork on different tasks. You can also check out others’ tasks progress as you finish your own part.
  4. You can find the posts and files you need easily with the Search Box.
  5. Previous team discussions can also be viewed by new team members, enabling them to get familiar with the history and notice of certain project within a shorter time.

Group Chat Room

When you want to collect opinions quickly, or have closer connection with your team members, try Group Chat! Group Chat Rooms will make it easier and faster for you to communicate with your team members. Moreover, the use of Stickers and Voice Messages within the chats elevate your efficiency at work.

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