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How to edit the department info?

Supported TEAM+ Version:TEAM+ Pro (on-premises), TEAM+ Cloud (trial)

Administrative Access Available For:Company Admins

  1. Go to Manage Accounts. Click Department in the tab bar.

  2. Find the Department you want to edit. And click the button on its right.

  3. Select Edit Department.

  4. If you want to change its  Top-level (Superior) Department, please follow the steps below.

-4.1 Click the icon on the right-most side of the Top-level department field.

-4.2 Select the Department you want to set as its Top-level (Superior) Department.

Tip:If needed, you can click the icon to unfold a department bar to check its lower level departments.

-4.3 Click Confirm.

  1. You can start editing the Department Name and its Remark.
  2. Click OK to confirm.

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