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How to add new links in my TEAM+?

Supported TEAM+ Version:TEAM+ Pro (on-premises)

Administration Available For:System Administrator

1.Hover over Platform Management on the left, and select Manage Links from the overflow menu.

2.Click the + Add button and select URL to open the settings page.

3.Enter the Link Name and its URL.

4.Upload Link Photo.

-4.1 Click the picture of Cloud in the top left.

-4.2 Click Upload a Picture.

-4.3 Adjust the crop for the picture. When it’s done, click Crop and submit.

Tip:Before cropping, you can click the Re-upload picture button below to choose a new picture if you don’t feel like using the previously selected one anymore.

5.In Display Setting, click the toggles to display/hide the links in TEAM+ Web or TEAM+ App.

  1. Press OK to complete the addition.


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