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  • Why can’t I find the team I am looking for?

    If you cannot find the team you are looking for, please try the methods below: Check if you are performing search in the right team type tab. If you are searching for a team you haven’t joined, you have to...
  • How to join a team?

    You can find all the Public Teams that you haven’t joined in Other Teams tab. Tip:You can as well use the search box to search for the teams you want to join. Following is the instruction on How to join a...
  • How to search for a certain team?

    Please select the type of the team you want to look for before performing search: My Teams: The teams you have joined which are still active now. Closed Teams: The teams you have joined which are already closed. In a...
  • How to search my previous messages?

    You can either search old messages in your Chat History (all of your chats) or in a single Chat Room. ★ Kindly remind you that the keyword must be at least 2 characters or more.