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Installation and Login

Installation and Login

  • How to change my password?

    Please go to TEAM+ WEB to manage your password. Follow the steps below to change your password. Click the Gear Wheel icon in the top right corner. Select Settings. You’ll be taken to Personal Settings. Click Change Password in the...
  • How to access my TEAM+?

    You can access TEAM+ through the following three methods: Use the browser in your computer to go to TEAM+ WEB. Install TEAM+ Messenger on your computer. Install TEAM+ APP on your mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).
  • Can company employees use TEAM+ on their own devices?

    Yes, company employees can access and use TEAM+ on their own devices through the following methods: Computer:Use the browser to go to TEAM+ Website or install TEAM+ Messenger on the computer. Smartphones & Tablets:Install TEAM+ APP. And for Private Cloud...
  • How to install TEAM+ on my smartphones and tablets ?

    Please check the TEAM+ version currently used in your company before installing TEAM+ APP on your mobile devices: For Private Cloud version and Lifetime Free programs, please install TEAM+ Pro. For Cloud (Trial) version, please install TEAM+. Instruction Go to...
  • Can I use TEAM+ on Windows Phone?

    Currently, TEAM+ is only available on iOS and Android devices. We kindly ask the Windows Phone users to use TEAM+ WEB instead. Please go to TEAM+ WEB via your device browser.
  • Can I use TEAM+ on Mac?

    Yes, you use the browser to go to TEAM+ WEB, or install the TEAM+ Messenger for iOS. If you are a TEAM+ Cloud user, please click the following link to download TEAM+ Cloud Messenger.
  • How to install TEAM+ messenger on my computer?

    If you are team+ Private Cloud user, please contact the IT or MIS specialists of your company to perform the installation. If you are team+ Cloud (Trial) user, please click here to go to the download page, and select to download...
  • How should I do if I do not receive the verification email?

    Your account needs to be verified first before using team+ Cloud. Note:If you are using Private Cloud version, please follow the Login instruction from your company. Method 1:You can check the Trash section in your email box first. From time...
  • What is Teamplus Code? How to know my Teamplus Code?

    Teamplus Code is designed only for team+ Private Cloud program companies. The code setting requests are sent by the IT or MIS specialists of your companies. If you forget your Teamplus Code, please consult your Company Admin.
  • Why can’t I login successfully?

    We kindly ask you to check first if it is one of the following two possible causes: Is your Internet connection working normally? Do you enter the correct Account and Password? If your problem is not one of them, please...
  • How can I do if I forget my password?

    If you are the user of Cloud (Trial) version: Click (Tap) Forgot password in the Log-in page. Enter your Email address. Click (Tap) OK and the system will send out the link for your password reset to your Email box....
  • How to manage my account?

    In TEAM+ Private Cloud version, the users’ accounts are set by the Company Admins. Thus, please consult your Company Admin if you want to make any change to your account. In TEAM+ Cloud (Trial) version, the users’ accounts are the...